Welcome to Eat Pretty: exclusive one on one coaching with MissMalloryFit

My goal with Eat Pretty is to teach you to listen to your own body so you can feel great without calorie counting, obsessing over macro's, or thinking about food from morning to night.

Forget calorie counting or feeling guilty over small indulgences, in Eat Pretty you and I will work together to learn to enjoy foods in moderation and eat what feels good for YOUR unique body. We will do so in a way that allows you to feel balanced without the pressure that traditional diets bring. 

My philosophy: Feeling good doesn't have to be hard. As I'm sure some of you have experienced, thinking about your food 24/7 takes up a lot of energy that could be saved for more important things like: feeling good in your body, fun, relationships, your job, etc. 

We will work on setting you up for a realistic lifestyle; something sustainable that you'll still be doing in 10 years. 

What My Clients Want:

  • To not fear food

  • To lose weight

  • To look & feel good

  • To find balance

  • To be healthy

  • To embrace their qualities

  • To have a better understanding of nutrition

What's Included:

  • 3 months of one on one support

  • 6 40-minute phone sessions

  • free email/text support between calls

  • 10 free bonus recipes upon signing up

  • fitness advice to further your goals

  • my commitment to your health & happiness

I'm here to teach you to enjoy every bite and understand when your body is hungry, when it's full, and to find balance with fats, carbs, and proteins so you can enjoy your favorite foods without guilt or wasted time overthinking about what you eat!

Ready to join me? Get the support you're looking for.

$300 for 3-months of coaching