Congrats you made it to week #4!!!


Over the next 31 days you will be:

  • Sweating… ALOT 
  • Eating clean
  • Eating only things you like
  • Taking care of your skin 
  • Learning about your body 
  • Taking lot's of “you” time
  • Doing SQUATS everdayyyyy
  • Working out to all of Beyonce's top hits by the end of this challenge!

Let’s get you workkkkin girl!

Daily Sweats- You will do these workouts before your main workout of the day.

Week 2 Daily Sweats & Stretches:

Start with 10-20 mins fast cardio walk/jog/run so you Sweat Pretty all day long! Getting your metabolism going first thing in the morning will really kick things into gear! 


10 walk outs

10 up-and-downward dog 

30 sec reach for the toes

30 sec butterfly stretch 

30 sec side stretch 

1 min plank 3x

As promised, only 4 Beyonce songs a day until your perfect Halloween figure! (note you can change any of these songs out for something you prefer) Each song has exercises listed next to it along with the rep range for each one. You will go through as many rounds as you can until the song is over. NO BREAKS until the song is over. Then, take a quick water break for 30 secs and jump right into the next song! Have all of the songs downloaded or use your 30 sec break to load the next song. Don’t forget your Daily Sweats even on your off days! Get it girls! Please email me with any questions you may have!



Get your game face on ladies!

Day 23.

Formation: Warm up run, jog or power walk

Check On It: 15 push ups, 15 tricep push ups (on knees or toes),  Tricep up-downs 15x,  Shoulder taps 40x, Mountain Climbers 60x 

7/11: Bicep curls + Shoulder Press 31x (combine into 1), Bicep curls 31x, Shoulder press 31x

Countdown: Plank this whole song. Yes girl, this whole song! Every time you need a break drop for 5 secs breath then do 3 push ups and then continue back into your plank.

Day 24.

Active rest day take a 20-30 min walk,jog,run + stretch or foam roll for 10-15 minutes.

Day 25.

Flawless: Warm up run,jog or power walk

Hold up: Jumping Jack Squats 31x, Walking lunges 31x EL (62 total steps), Burpees 20x

Run the World: Russian Twists 31x, leg lifts 31x, reverse crunch 31x

Ring the Alarm: Standing up knee to elbow crunch 20x, plank tuck jumps 10x, in & out jump squats 10x

Day 26.

Crazy in love: Warm up run + two extra songs - pick your favorite!

Upgrade: Jumping jacks 31x, Jump squats 20x, Plank Knee-to-Elbow 40x

Deja Vu: Skaters 20x, sumo squat + shoulder press 20x, High knees 40x

Get me Bodied: Flutter kicks 40x, side planks count slow to 30 sec, then do the other side

Day 27.

3-4 miles walk/jog/run Track & log your time each time.

Day 28.

Drunk in love: Bicep curl + squat 20x, skaters 20x, slow skaters (pause at the side)

Partiton: Tricep kick backs 20x, Tricep dips 20x, bicycle crunches 31x

Yonc’e: Reverse lunge 10x EL, Kettle Bell Swings 31x

Diva: 30 sec sprint, 15 sec rest

Day 29.

Active rest day take a 20-30 min walk, jog,run, hike, bike ride + stretch or foam roll for 10-15 minutes. 

Day 30.

ABS & BOOtaay: 10 min warm up jog/walk: 15x ES opposite hand to opposite leg crunch, 1 min plank on hands & toes, 30s plank knee to elbow, 1 min kettle bell swings, 30 russian twist with kettle bell, Glute kick backs 30sec EL "pause for 2 seconds at the top" run 2 miles as fast as you can! 

Day 31.

31 Rep Work out: 31 squats 2x , 31 sumo squats 2x , 31 push ups 2x, 31 bicep curls 2x, 31 tricep dips 2x , 31 sec plank 2x, 31 crunches 2x, 31 reverse crunches 2x, THEN 2-3 mile walk/jog/run Track & log your time each time.


Great job babes! YOU did it!!!!!!


If you don't know some of the exercises listed above, here are a couple exercises below that I thought you may not know:

  • Jumping jack squats: Start in a sumo squat (low), then jump up from there coming into a pencil line clapping the hands together, then jump back out into a sumo squat. To get to your perfect sumo squat, press the knees out and keep the toes slightly turned out 
  • Moving jump squats: Squat to the front, jump to the right, squat, jump back to the front, squat, jump to the left, squat, jump back to the center (repeat). 
  • Tricep up downs: holding a plank position on the hands, drop down to 1 forearm and then down to the other, press up through the right arm to come back into a plank and then press through the left arm - Think about lighting up the triceps are you press up into your plank. Remember to alternate on which arm you come up and down on. 
  • Shoulder taps: holding a plank position on the hands, bring your right arm to your left shoulder and then set back down and bring your left hand to your right shoulder. The key with this movement is to keep the belly button back and abs turned on so you can keep your hips from moving side to side.
  • Tricep push ups: on knees or toes. elbows point straight back, focus on using your tricep to push back up
  • Standing up knee to elbow: bring your right knee to left elbow, focus on getting the crunch in the abdominals, rotate side to side
  • Plank tuck jumps: holding a plank, jump the toes to the chest and then back out into a plank
  • In & out jump squats: starting in parallel with the feet together squat and then jump into a sumo squat wide, squat and then jump back into a parallel squat
  • Skaters: lateral jumps side to side with having the opposite foot glide back behind 

Here is your inspiration! Download and save this page to your home screen on your computer! So excited for you girls! Can't wait to see you all transform!

xoxo, MissMalloryFIT