Don’t Lose your Head over Gingerbread

  How to Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season


Can you believe it’s December already? December is my favorite month. Christmas lights, hot cocoa, holiday spirit. Josh and I got our first tree this year. Feeling super adult. I like to get up early, drink my tea, and enjoy my tree.

We went with Sea colors to match our house! I LOVE IT!

We went with Sea colors to match our house! I LOVE IT!

With all of the fun and charm of the holidays, though, comes a lot of stress on us to not gain weight with all the amazing baked goods and all of the holiday parties. How many holiday parties do you have this month? I have one just about every week! It can be hectic and even overwhelming, so I’m going to share with you my tips to get through the holidays without overindulging or gaining weight. You might actually maybe even lose some!


Here are 6 ways to enjoy your month without the stress of getting off track:


  1. NIGHTLY CHRISTMAS WALK: Every night of December I am taking a 15-20 minute walk at night after dinner (Maybe even 30 to 40 mins depends on how I’m feeling). I’m doing this to digest my food before going to bed. I love Christmas, so walking around checking out the lights is fun for me. You should try it too! It’s only 15ish mins. Make it happen. Adding this walk will burn more calories each day - Christmas calories. So when you can, add in a little workout, walk, jog, hike. I promise it will help!

  2. NEVER GO HUNGRY: Don’t go to the holiday party hungry. Have a small meal before going so you don’t just scarf or go straight for the sugar. Trust me, this works.

  3. PORTION CONTROL: At the holiday parties, take small portions of what you would like to try and don’t even bother eating things you don’t like - it’s just extra calories. Enjoy your calories on things you like in small portions.

  4. SWEET TOOTH CONTROL: Pick one dessert! Some parties have tons of choices - just pick one. Enjoy it and then be done. You are sweet enough, honey, you don’t need more sugar.

  5. ALCOHOL CONTROL: Have only one drink. God I know this is annoying sometimes when you want that second glass. If you would rather have a second glass than dessert, go for it. But extra drinks = extra empty calories and the opportunity to make a fool of yourself in front of your boss ;)

  6. HYDRATE BABE: Drink water all day long. Staying hydrated is key to not overeating. 90% of the time we are just thirsty. Make sure to drink a bottle of water on your way to the party to prevent overindulging.


Reread these tips before each of your holiday events! You are a strong, kick-ass woman, and you can do it. Remember why you love these events - being social, spending time with friends, making christmas crafts, dancing, dressing up. Enjoy these things without stressing over the food!

I wanted to say thank you to my readers - I couldn't do it without you! If there is a topic you would like me to talk about, comment below or send me an email at


Happy Holidays Babes!

xoxo, MissMalloryFIT