Over-indulging .... we all do it!

Today’s topic, and one thing I feel a lot of us struggle with (even me), is over-indulging! How do you over-indulge, and how can we be more prepared to stop before the next celebration? What’s this celebration, you ask? When you go out to dinner and feel the need to eat everything - because when are you possibly ever going to get to have pizza or burgers ever again after you promised yourself on Monday you will be good?

What can we do differently here? Order your pizza or burger, realize that you can have it any day you please, and start with half and put the rest in a to-go box. If you are still hungry later on in the evening you can eat it. It will still be there!

Another way to prevent over-indulgence is to always ask yourself am I hungry or are my hands hungry? I’m saying don’t eat just because it’s noon or because you feel like you should be hungry. Half the time our hands want to snack but our tummies are full. Ask yourself next time when sitting in front of the TV am I actually hungry? Chances are, your hands are instead of your body.




Below I will list the 10 things that will stop you from over-indulging and that will honor your body:


  1. Drink a gallon of water everyday. 90% of the time we are just thirsty when we think that we need food. If you think you are hungry, try drinking some water first!

  2. Never have junk food in the house. Trust me, even when there are well-prepped meals in the fridge, you will always find the junk food first. Make a list before you go grocery shopping, and make sure unhealthy foods aren’t on it!

  3. Don’t use food to celebrate. Avoid eating like it’s your last meal. Enjoy your food, but know that celebration can exist outside of it.

  4. But allow yourself a fun treat if you’re craving it. If you’re craving ice-cream, allow yourself to have it, but reduce your portion size. Ask for a kid’s scoop - it’s really all you need.

  5. Always pack your fridge with healthy foods that are easy to grab. If you’re on the run, wouldn’t you rather have something healthy than a high-in-sugar Pop-Tart or soda? KIND Bars and baby carrots are great snacks that you can take anywhere. Ditch the junk food and choose easy and healthy grab-and-gos!

  6. Eat little meals all day. Half the time you get home from your long day and are starving so you eat the whole fridge, plus the couch. Instead, snack throughout the day so you don’t feel the need to binge.

  7. When eating out, automatically put half of your meal in a to-go box. If you’re still hungry an hour later, eat the other half. You don’t need to be stuffed every meal you eat. You should instead feel comfortable at the end of a meal.

  8. When eating at home, start with a smaller amount than you would usually eat. You can always get more if needed. Be sure to wait 15 minutes to see if you need the extra portions, though!

  9. LOAD up the greens. These are what will keep you fuller longer. Broccoli, asparagus, green beans and brussel sprouts are all great ones to stock up on!

  10. Wait until you’re hungry to eat! Your body knows you best. Don’t eat because you’re bored, or because you feel like you should. Eat when your body needs to and wants to.

I hope these tips will help you to not over-eat and to actually enjoy the foods you love without stuffing your face. You only taste the first 3 bites of what you eat. If you have 1 piece of chocolate, and then another piece, and then another, and another, you are not any more satisfied from the first bite to the last one. Allow yourself the first 3 bites, and stop - this is the key to preventing overindulgence and will lead you to feeling healthy and happy!

Any questions? Check out my Eat Pretty nutrition program. I would love to teach you all I know about how to eat intuitively and transform your body and perspective!