How I became MissMalloryFIT

Well it all started with one of those photos where you’re like “whoaaaa do I really look like that?” First year of college and 15 pounds later can do a lot to a 5’3 girl! (short girls club, you hear me?) I went home for the summer and decided to get a personal trainer two times a week and started the Special K diet (omg). I ate cereal two times a day and a shake at night - I definitely would never recommend that now! So unhealthy. No veggies, hardly any protein, and way under where my caloric intake should of been. But because I cut all the alcohol and late-night Taco Bell runs after partying all night the weight seemed to fall right off and I actually looked better than I had ever looked.





At that moment I was addicted! I became obsessed with the gym. I knew I needed to improve my eating to improve my workouts so I  started doing all kinds of research on how to eat healthy. I started bringing friends with me to the gym and unintentionally put them through workouts with me. It was fun and motivating to work out with other girls!

I wasn’t the only one who noticed this change in myself. One day when I was leaving the gym, the manager stopped me and said I would be a great personal trainer and if I was interested to come in for an interview. I never thought about being a personal trainer, but I loved the way fitness made me feel and I thought if I could give other girls that same feeling then that would be the best job ever! I got certified and instantly started bootcamps with 10 to 20 women as my first clients. It was a blast and I was able to give these women the results they were looking for. From the beginning I was giving nutritional advice  to help my clients meet their goals and coach them through it! I made sure they knew I was their biggest supporter!

So somewhere along the way, I became MissMalloryFit. In the last couple months I finally made it official and became a health coach - I now offer my new program called Eat Pretty where I teach you to eat with balance, to enjoy all foods in moderation, and to listen to what your body wants. You now know that I was not super fit or super thin from the get-go…I have always had to work hard to be a healthy me. You could say I had unlucky genetics, I was unaware of a healthy diet, or I didn’t care enough, but I am so appreciative that I’ve always had to work this hard because it gives me the opportunity to connect and relate with women like you that may struggle just like I did. But I hope I also give you hope that you can live a life full of fun and balance and be as fit as you would like. Visit my Sweat Pretty page today to sign up for any programs that I offer!

If you want to be like me and make a change in your lifestyle, check out these 5 tips:


  1. Get a personal trainer. A trainer will keep you accountable and committed. Be sure to pick a trainer you vibe with. (me, me!)  

  2. Do your research. Find a diet and lifestyle that will work for you. Not all plans will work for everyone. Know your body and talk to your trainer, health coach, or nutritionist about it.

  3. Have a vision. Work towards something. Find an end goal - it could be anything from losing 5 pounds for Vegas to looking good in your wedding dress. Check out these testimonials from my clients that met their fitness goals!

  4. Execute a plan. Once you research and find your lifestyle goal, come up with a plan for how to bring it to life. Will you invest in a personal trainer? A health coach? Will you go to bootcamps?

  5. Find your internal motivation. If that means keeping a picture of your old self as your desktop, do it! This is the hardest one because it comes from within.  Think about things that motivate you. Does your family motivate you? Have them call you once a week to check your progress. What about your friends? Sign up for some bootcamps with your girlfriends.

Would love to hear from you if this is something you also went through or struggle with! You’re not alone!

Xoxo, MissMalloryFit