Bottomless Mimosas Aren't Your Friend

Ever wake up on a Sunday morning and been like why do I feel so terrible?…Oh ya, might have been the multiple drinks I had last night with no water.

Well this happened to me on a Monday morning. As a matter of fact, this last Monday morning. It all started with my beautiful friend/client Jenna’s birthday at Dolphin Bay in Shell Beach, CA for a birthday brunch. I got up early to go on a run first and then, of course, I only left myself 20 mins to get ready and run out the door to get there. Once I got there, they already had bottomless mimosas going. Of course I jumped in on that. Yum! One of the girls at the brunch told me if you fill up your glass before it’s empty it only really counts as your first glass. I thought this was funny but obviously it’s really not true. 6 pours count as 6 pours.

Every once in a while, we all forget our rules to drinking in moderation. This doesn't happen to me very often, but I have to confess it did this weekend,  and I’m here to go back over my own rules I use for moderation in case you’re looking for help in this department.

  • First mistake: I didn’t eat anything before drinking... BIG NO NO! (lunch also didn't come until almost an hour after my first mimosa). Drinking on a empty stomach is like expecting your car to run on no gas. By starting your cocktail hour this way you are only setting yourself up for failure!


  • Second: I drank 0 water during the 4 hours of being there! My number #1 rule to drinking in moderation and preventing those terrible hangovers is to drink water in-between each drink!


  • Third: I had more than I needed. I like to have a 2-3 drink max when drinking because I know that is my body’s limit. Once you feel the buzz, it’s time to stop - at least for an hour before you check to see how you feel.
My face when trying to drink water instead of mimosa's! 

My face when trying to drink water instead of mimosa's! 

Food, Water and 2-3 (drinks). It’s that simple. We all fall off the health train sometimes, even me, but every time I do, I come back stronger and smarter. Getting to know yourself and your limits can be fun! We have to realize that our bodies are constantly changing. For example, I don’t drink very often, so I’ve learned that when I do, I can’t drink the way I used to when I was in college, lol!

What are your drinking in moderation tips? Comment below to share your stories, and if you’re looking for a little bit of extra help and coaching, sign up for my Eat Pretty one on one coaching or join the next retreat where you will learn food and drinks in moderation!


Xoxo, MissMalloryFit