Ready to lose that midday daze?


Feeling tired midway through the workday?

Maybe your morning coffee isn’t enough to power you through those last few hours…but an afternoon coffee might not be the right pick-me-up to choose! Eating foods for the brain can have you feeling more focused without the afternoon crash…


Here are my suggestions to avoid that mid-day energy dip:

  • Everyone knows vegetables are the trick to glowing skin and healthy figure. But, little does everyone know that bright root vegetables like beets, carrots, and celery keep you feeling awake and alert all day long!

  • Fruits are great for you! But some fruits like mango are so sugary they can lead to the afternoon crash you are trying to avoid. Stick to low sugar berries and melon. They will keep you perky without the fallout.

  • Stop being afraid to eat fats!! Healthy fats, like the avocado used on our Sprouted Toast Recipe below, add tons of vitamins like Vitamin E to keep you on your toes.

Try adding a few combinations of different types of brain foods throughout the week and see if you spot a difference!


Here are a few meals to give you a midday energy boost:


Rainbow Salad:

Pick your favorite vegetables and make it colorful!I like to start with a bed of leafy greens, I like kale and add on shredded carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, edamame (for a little protein), and avocado. Add your favorite vinaigrette and you’ve got a lunch that won’t weigh you down!

  • Salads like this are high in nutrient-dense whole foods that won’t leave you in a food comma. Not to mention the hydrating veggies do wonders on your skin!


Wild Salmon & Avocado on Sprouted Toast:

Sprouted grain add fiber, B vitamins, and seeds to keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. Adding avocado and a fist-sized portion of salmon adds healthy fats and protein to complete your meal. Don’t like salmon? Try adding tuna with lemon or mustard (instead of heavy mayo) to change it up!

  • This toast pairs protein and toast without the carb overload, which is a leading cause of that tired feeling. Remember, carbs aren’t the enemy but too much of anything comes with a price.


Stay focused on how you feel and what makes you happy!

What are some of your favorite pick me up meals? Love hearing from you girls! If you are looking for some extra help in this area click the button below to learn more about my nutrition coaching! 

XOXO, MissMalloryFIT