"It's so crazy how much my body has changed in 2 months. I can't believe I lost 14 pounds & 11 inches! It's insane. I feel so much better in my bikini. I was so unaware of what I was eating & how it affected my body. I really appreciate you for showing how to eat right! My before & after photos are crazy. Thank you so much!"       - Megan


"You have not only changed my body, but my energy level. I feel so energetic & happy all the time, and feel like I can do anything. You have totally boosted my self-confidence. I never dread our workout sessions together! I always look forward to them. Your training is so much fun & also works me out so hard. This is the first fitness routine I have ever been able to stick to. I almost never miss a class because I am so motivated and love the way I look & feel! Thank you for being so amazing + making me feel equally amazing!"- Paige 


"One I finally decided to commit and start going full throttle, I saw the results and I just feel so much better about myself and my life. Like honestly Mal, no one has ever been able to get me to stick to a routine. I had never even walked into before you, let alone knew how to connect with my muscles and which parts to work. With your guidance through meals and workouts, and willingness to always work around our schedules for sessions, I finally feel like I'm making this much needed change in my life. Get fit or die trying!!"     - Chelsea 


"Mallory has brought out the best in my body, 100%. I have a severe knee injury that really limits my mobility, so I don't trust anyone else with what's going on but her, and she keeps me in better shape than I was even before my injury!! So, thank you for the abs, Mal ;)"    - Asia


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the endless support & constant motivation! This is just the beginning of my fitness journey & there is no one else I would trust or want to train me! Sweat pretty SLO has changed my life. My energy level, determination & just self worth have all been at 100%! Currently in Cancun feeling amazing every day, I have even ran on the beach & did nightly crunches." - Holly 


Mother - Daughter Duo:

Daughter: Mallory's constant encouragements motivate me to want to do better for no one else but myself! She's taught me health and fitness, but most importantly she's taught me to love myself and to always strive for progress not perfection" :) - Dylan

Mother: "I will tell you I've made more progress in the last 4 weeks with you than I have in the last three years of kickboxing." - Karen